Bele Barkarby IF IBF

Medals 2019:
2018: 1
2017: 1
Bele Barkarby IF IBF was one of 70 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Scorpions Cup 2019. They participated with 15 teams in all categories except Pojkar 2007 Lätt, Pojkar 2005 and Flickor 2005. Three teams played until in Gruppspel; Pojkar 2005 Lätt P05 won over Täby FC Gribby by 2-1, Pojkar 2006 Lätt Svart lost against Västerhaninge IBK by 1-5 and Pojkar 2004 P04 Lag 1 .

In addition to this, Bele Barkarby IF IBF have participated in Scorpions Cup before. During Scorpions Cup 2018, Bele Barkarby IBF had 16 teams playing in all categories except Pojkar 2010, Pojkar 2009, Pojkar 2008, Pojkar 2007, Pojkar 2007 Lätt, Pojkar 2006, Pojkar 2006 Lätt, Pojkar 2005, Pojkar 2005 Lätt, Pojkar 2004, Flickor 2010, Flickor 2008-2009, Flickor 2007, Flickor 2006, Flickor 2005 and Flickor 2004. Two teams played until in Gruppspel; Pojkar 2009 2 and Flickor 2007-2008 F08 .

Bele Barkarby IBF originates from Järfälla, which is the same city as where Scorpions Cup takes place. The area around Järfälla does also provide 44 additional clubs participating during Scorpions Cup 2019 (Among others: Järfälla Spiders, Ekerö IK, IK Tomtberga, Vendelsö IK, Huddinge IBS, Farsta IBK, AIK Innebandy, Värmdö IF, Kungsängens IF and Vaxholm IBF).

40 games played


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