IK Sirius IBK P06 P07

Registration number: 1103
Registrator: Ola Eriksson Log in
Primary shirt color: Blue
Leader: Claes Johansson
Ola Eriksson
Heléne Wagner
Björn Henricsson
Johan Peling
In addition to the two Sirius IBK teams, 14 other teams played in Pojkar 2006. They were divided into 4 different groups, whereof IK Sirius IBK P07 could be found in Group C together with Tumba Goif P06, Ekerö IK and Huddinge IBS.

IK Sirius IBK P07 continued to Slutspel after reaching 2:nd place in Group C. In the playoff they made it to 1/4 Final, but lost it against Hammarby IF IBF with 0-13. In the Final, Hammarby IF IBF won over Åkersberga IBF AB and became the winner of Slutspel in Pojkar 2006.

4 games played


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