Bele Barkarby IF IBF P.BLÅ C (11-12) P13 Lag 2

Registration number: 21069
Registrator: Richard Klar Log in
Primary shirt color: Black
Leader: Richard Klar
Jonas Furne
Farid Bel Mekki
Hanna Tärnblom
In addition to the three Bele Barkarby IBF teams, 5 other teams played in Pojkar Blå C (2011-2012). They were divided into 5 different groups, whereof Bele Barkarby IF IBF P13 Lag 2 could be found in Group A together with Ängby IF P11 Vit-1, SK Vide 1 vit and Åkersberga IBF Ackers P11b.

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