Lillån IBK P06

Registration number: 1002
Registrator: Björn Skoog Log in
Primary shirt color: Green
Leader: Björn Skoog
Johan Hägglund
Michael Nilsson
Anders Gillberg
Karl Hulterström
Lillån IBK was one of 70 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Scorpions Cup 2019. They participated with one team in Pojkar 2006.

In addition to Lillån IBK, 15 other teams played in Pojkar 2006. They were divided into 4 different groups, whereof Lillån IBK could be found in Group B together with Fagerhult Habo IBK Svart, Åkersberga IBF CD and Töjnan IBK.

Lillån IBK comes from ÖREBRO which lies approximately 150 km from Järfälla, where Scorpions Cup takes place.

3 games played


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